Kilgore Trout - Cleveland

The United Nations of Tailoring is in Session

Our tailoring department is led by Giovanni Del Buso, from the Campobasso region of Italy. His skill with a suit is matched only by his wife Carmela’s talent at the stove. (Her Oggi Ristorante is one of Cleveland’s best kept secrets). Womens’ department tailor Rosetta was raised on a little street near the duomo of San Agata, a Sicilian town where everyone learned a trade – and the earlier, the better. Val and Faya, lovebirds for over 25 years, come to us from Azerbaijan.

Collectively, these men and women are Kilgore Trout’s very own U.N. – working together, trading laughs, sharing skills, pleasing clients, and sharing quietly in the American dream. For all this and more, we say: Thank you. Mille Grazie. Rahmat. Sayol. Grazzii. Toda Raba!