Kilgore Trout - Cleveland


Etro - spot on hookup for spring

Etro new jersey sportcoat, Xacas shirt, Mason's cotton trouser, Etro belt

Sand - spot on hookup for spring

Sand linen sportcoat, Etro shirt, 3x1 selvedge jean, Walkover bucks

Lardini - spot on hookup for spring

Lardini linen knit unstructured jacket, Xacas cotton shirt

Isaia - spot on hookup for spring

Isaia stripe suit, shirt and tie, Gravati shoe, VK Nagrani hosiery and Orciani belt

Officine Generale - spot on hookup for spring

Officine Generale sportcoat and matching pant separate, soft cotton shirt

Gimo's - summer time blues

Gimo's Campionario jacket in summer-weight suede, Giannetto Portofino print shirt

Billy Reid - summer time blues

Billy Reid track jacket and cotton shirt, PT05 slim fit jean

MC2/St. Barth - surf's up

MC2 Saint Barth printed swim trunks

Iro - comfort above all

Iro destroyed fleece sweater over washed tee, Iro garment-dyed jean

Electric Shirts - pops of color

Giannetto Portofino and Sebastien James shirts in a riot of electric colors

Agave - shades of gray

Agave Cape Hattaras drawstring short, Surin Beach crew sweater, Modernist jersey jean