Kilgore Trout - Cleveland


Wally Naymon

As the owner of Kilgore Trout, Wally Naymon has carefully governed the evolution of his business. "For us it's about relationships", says Naymon. "My customers travel, and they could buy the same thing in New York, Milan, or Los Angeles, but they come here because we have an interesting slant on putting clothes together for the client."

Joel T. Stecker

With three decades of high end men's knowledge and having owned his own store, Joel's desire to make your Kilgore Trout experience a memorable one is paramount. His passion both in store and in outside sales lets you know that "Kilgore Trout is always open for business."

Cheryl MacMaster

With a strong background in menswear and over a decade at Kilgore Trout, Cheryl has the commitment, passion for clothes, and broad knowledge base that allows her to always give her clients exactly what they need. "It's all about customer service," she says.

Merissa Krivanek

Beginning her career in New York City, Merissa arrived at Trout with over a decade of fashion experience. In 2009, she transitioned her focus to men's made-to-measure clothing. "First impressions are everything," says Merissa. "People will stare, so make it worth their while."

Gianmarco Rinaldi

The young guy on the team, Gianmarco Rinaldi started in the business just a few years ago but has quickly found his passion in luxury men’s clothing. Marco quickly worked his way from merchandise coordinator to the selling floor where he brings a fresh point of view to fashion. “My heritage is Italian, my mentality is urban Montreal, and my heart is in northeast Ohio,” says Marco.

Laura Marotta

After a few years off to raise three gorgeous daughters, customers were happy to see Laura return to Kilgore Trout a few years ago!  She has the same great commitment of service, and her unique take on all things style and fashion - Plan to see her on Mondays and Fridays.

Andrea Pierce-Naymon

As the buyer for womenswear, Andrea studies the trends, listens to her sales people and customers, and brings to Cleveland the latest styles from New York and Europe. "When a customer sees a fabulous outfit, I want them to think of Kilgore Trout as the store most likely to have it."

Paul Connors

After living on the east coast for two decades, Paul has returned to his Cleveland roots and come full circle by returning to Kilgore Trout. Having helped launch our original Women's department, he is thrilled to be back to bring his keen eye and sophisticated taste level in helping Andrea source the most unique and exciting Womenswear from New York and Europe. Paul's passion for fashion and his commitment to providing the ultimate client experience is the perfect fit for Kilgore Trout "the best In class".

Sandy Hossack

You may remember Sandy from her prior years at Kilgore Trout.  Now, after a hiatus, we're happy to have her back at the store! With over 35 years in retailing, Sandy has a vast knowledge of the industry, our store, and our clients.  She looks forward to seeing you on Mondays and Thursdays in the womens' store.

Chrissy Stone

Chrissy's love of fashion led her to earn her degree of Fashion Merchandising. With a sharp eye for trends, she thrives on originality and focuses on creating suitable and unique looks that make people feel great.